<aside> 👋 Welcome! This is a kickstarter for any founder (or operator/investor/tech professional, really) who is new to or thinking of moving to San Francisco.

In this document, I put together everything I wish I knew before moving here, how to navigate the ecosystem, and aggregated community wisdom to give you the best possible map of everything startups/tech in SF.

Table of Contents:

If you have any recommendations, resources, or information you’d like to contribute, please DM me on X (@michelleefang) and I’d be happy to add!

Michelle Fang

Last Updated: Jan 30, 2024


🧭 Intro

So of all cities, why SF?

There’s no other city like San Francisco when it comes to the capital of technology & innovation — being at the precipice of the future and surrounded by the most ambitious, optimistic talent. If you are young, building a company, or want to accelerate your career in tech, there is no better city to do just that than in SF.

<aside> 💡 Food for thought statistics:

SF is a small city (only 7 x 7 miles) so not only is it accessible and easy to get around, you also maximize serendipity by running into familiar faces or seeing folks around the same communities & events frequently. People also express themselves through their work, their craft, and diverse (sometimes niche) interests. Plus with the abundance of nature, parks, and great California weather all year round, there’s lots to do to unwind and enjoy your free time.

Yes, there are challenges to living in SF — every major city like NYC, LA, and Miami faces similar problems to a certain degree (homelessness, cost of living, etc). It’s up to you to choose what you want to focus on and what works best with your personal situation.

Whether SF resonates with you as a potential city to live in, or you’ve made the jump here already, or you live here and want to get more plugged in, I hope this guide can help make SF feel more navigable on your journey.

🗓 Event Aggregators & Communities ****

How to get plugged into what’s happening and which event aggregators to follow.

<aside> 🗒️ Attending tech events is one of the best ways to meet others in the same industry and get plugged into happenings that can benefit your founder journey. I’d recommend going to more events if you are early in your career, but as you build your network, don’t spend all your time at events. Work and work events are two separate entities. Instead, prioritize events that are specific to your interests and/or are hosted by organizers you are excited about. Attending events help build your network, but remember that building and executing work are equally important.


General Tech

Aggregators Format Cadence Subscribe Link
Weekly Threads on X by Michelle Fang (me) X Mondays 2:30 pm Pacific https://twitter.com/michelleefang (https://michellesnotion.notion.site/e7d74969a4af434ca578196370f826ef)
Techstars Startup Digest - SF Bay Area & Silicon Valley by Michelle Fang (me) Email Mondays 12 pm Pacific https://read.letterhead.email/techstars-silicon-valley-sf-bay-area
SF IRL by https://twitter.com/thechangj Email Mondays 9 am Pacific https://www.sfirl.com/
Tech Events in SF by Luma Website Always On https://lu.ma/sf


| AI | • https://events.cerebralvalley.ai/https://lu.ma/genai-sf | | --- | --- | | Climate | https://sfbayclimatetech.substack.com/ - run by https://twitter.com/alecturnbull and https://twitter.com/sonamvelani | | Other/Misc. | • https://eddieh.substack.com/ covers things to do and misc events in SF • https://www.garysguide.com/events?region=sfbay (includes IRL & online events) |

A Few Communities/Recurring Event Series to Follow:

Community Description Focus
https://twitter.com/joinwritingclub weekly Sunday sessions for writing General
https://foundersysk.com/ run by Jen Yip to meet great founders General
https://www.brex.com/ not only are they helping founders with banking/credit cards, Brex’s community takes a holistic approach to support you with community, connections, fundraising, billboards, etc. General
https://lu.ma/eooi7qsw every week on Fridays where you can pitch your startup General
https://www.lennysnewsletter.com/p/community requires a paid subscription to Lenny’s Newsletter, hosts monthly meetups + Slack community with thousands of PMs, growth leaders, and founders General
https://foundersrc.com/ Saturday morning 5-10k run & talks inclusive to all founders General
https://www.thecentersf.com/ tea, yoga, events, community General
https://www.gaicollective.com/ brings together the brightest minds to discuss, exchange, and innovate AI AI
https://www.outsetcapital.com/thursday-nights-in-ai fireside chats with legendary minds in AI AI
https://agihouse.ai/ frequently hosts hackathons AI
https://twitter.com/TheAISalonSF intimate conversations on the impact of AI AI
https://sf.tinkerer.ai/ for those with more technical backgrounds, ,monthly meetup with lightning talks and demos AI
https://www.ypesfbayarea.org/ climate community Climate
https://www.mcjcollective.com/ community of people united by the common desire to step up and do something about the climate crisis Climate
https://workonclimate.org/ solving climate change equitably and justly Climate
https://www.meetup.com/hardwarestartupsf/ monthly hardware demos with founders and builders making physical products Hardware
https://sfgamedevelopment.com/ monthly meetups around game development Game Dev
https://www.theproductfolks.com/ community for PMs Product
https://www.fiftyyears.com/events deep dives into deep tech topics Deep Tech
https://www.designbuddies.community/ run by Grace Ling in the Bay Area for designers Design